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I started running over 10 years ago for my health. Last year I began cycling, and as I try to get up to speed, I find that regular massages allow me to work harder with a lot less recovery time between rides. Several weeks ago I fell and suffered bruised and broken ribs and a pinched nerve in my back that caused leg cramps. Several days after receiving initial medical treatment, I went to the Christina for help. Christina was gentle around the injuries, while working out the other areas, using energy work and light massage with great results. After the first massage, the pinched nerve stopped bothering me, and after a few weekly massages I was back on my bike riding. Twenty-two days after the injuries I started riding, and rode 125 miles that week on my bike without a lot of pain. I truly believe that my recovery time was cut a lot shorter by having regular massages when I needed them the most. I highly recommend Christina Wilson Massage Therapy - without the massages I could not enjoy being so active. - Jack Ellis

I am 74 years old, and massage has helped me to continue a very active life. My bones ache less, my sleep has improved, and the massages helped alleViate my restless leg syndrome and headaches. - Mildred McNeilly The full body massage benefits me greatly. Obviously it relieves stress, which in turn helps my blood pressure. Having endured three back surgeries, I get great relief from the discomforts caused by scar tissue. The two years of therapy at Christina Wilson Massagy Therapy have greatly increased my mobility in performing routine daily activities. I appreciate the help that massage has given me, and I recommend Christina Wilson Massagy Therapy to anyone. - Ron Peeler

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